Provide Support: Learn About It

What Do We Mean by Providing Support?

If you want your kids to be proud of their accomplishments, then you need to be proud of their accomplishments with them—or proud of your accomplishments.

Children need their parents’ support in many practical ways. Providing this support helps young people stay on track to learn, grow, complete tasks, and achieve goals. It involves four actions:

  • Encourage—Praise each others’ efforts and achievements.
  • Guide—Provide help and feedback to help each other.
  • Model—Be good examples for each other.
  • Advocate—Stand up for each other.

When we say support, we often mean different things. Many of the actions related to expressing care can also be considered support. Emotional support is part of express care on ParentFurther. For us, providing support focuses on the practical or noticeable things we do for our children. These efforts include taking action to help our children learn or grow. It also includes giving information and feedback to help our children.1,2

Next Steps

  • Take the quiz to explore the ways you provide support in your family.
  • Learn about why providing young people with support is important.

Research Sources

1. McNeely, C. A., & Barber, B. K. (2010). How do parents make adolescents feel loved? Perspectives on supportive parenting from adolescents in 12 cultures. Journal of Adolescent Research, 25(4), 601–631. doi:10.1177/0743558409357235

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