Prepare for the Future

Build Strengths and Tackle Challenges of Growing Up

Group of teens talking and laughingHow we build relationships with our kids now prepares them to thrive now and in the future

Each age and stage of development and parenting has its own challenges and opportunities. ParentFurther emphasizes how parents and families approach the teenage years, knowing that many other resources are available that focus on early childhood.

This section focuses on two themes:

  1. Nurturing strengths with your child that prepare them to persevere and thrive as they grow up.
  2. Navigate challenges that often emerge during adolescence, including preventing alcohol and tobacco use, dealing with bullying and violence, managing technology and media, and managing money. (Over time, we'll add other topics, too. Let us know what you'd like.)

In addition better understanding these issues, you'll see ways your family relationships and other strengths can be resources to tap as you grow stronger—and closer—together.

By learning to tap your strengths through your relationships, you get in the habit of taking on challenges this way. You'll then be able to apply this proactive, strength-based approach to other areas of family life.