About ParentFurther

A Resource for Strengthening Relationships

ParentFurther is an online resource to help families strengthen relationships through shared activities. Family relationships provide the foundation from which young people can develop the motivation and skills to overcome challenges and thrive.

A Brief Video Introduction to ParentFurther:

ParentFurther Features

Through ParentFurther, parenting adults can:

  • Learn about It—See what research says about relationships, strengths, and challenges in families with children and youth.
  • Check It—Families can use quizzes to assess how their family is doing in building relationships and tackling challenges.
  • Talk about it—Parents can start meaningful conversations with their kids, building on what they find in the quiz.
  • Try it—Parents can engage in meaningful activities with their children to explore issues and bring them closer together.
  • Track It—Families can use an online profile to keep track of the quizzes and the activities they have done so far.
  • Take It Further—Families can create plans for how they want to keep moving forward toward goals, despite setbacks.

Who It Is For

ParentFurther may be used by individual families on their own. Though it can be useful to families with children of all ages, it emphasizes the needs of families with young adolescents (ages 10 to 15). This is a critical transition time when few resources are available for parents.

Parent groups, schools, and organizations can also encourage parents to use the site together. For more information, see the Keep Connected program for parents of new middle schoolers.

Where It Is From

ParentFurther is a resource of Search Institute, a nonprofit research and development organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ParentFurther’s content is based on Search Institute’s framework of developmental relationships. This framework grows out of extensive research on what kids need to succeed and national studies that show the power of developmental relationships in families.

ParentFurther has been developed by the research team at Search Institute, which includes researchers and educators in youth, family, and community development. Lead content developers and reviewers are Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Ph.D., Kent Pekel, Ed.D., Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Amy K. Syvtersen, Ph.D., and Jenna Sethi, Ph.D.

An Educational Resource

ParentFurther is an information and educational site, designed to enrich family life and support positive parenting. Its information is general in nature and does not replace professional support when families face serious behavioral, mental health, or interpersonal issues or crises. Families are encouraged to find trusted individuals and organizations in their community to support them through challenging issues. In these cases, ParentFurther may be an appropriate supplementary resource to complement other professional services.